Invited Lecturers


Distinguished scientists will speak at the conference


  • Alicja Bachmatiuk - Institute for Solid State Research, IFW Dresden, Germany
  • Synthesizing carbon nanotubes and graphene from oxide catalysts

  • Michael Cada - Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
  • Optical funcionalities for nanophotonic devices.

  • Mohamed EL Mansori - ENSAM, Châlons-en-Champagne, France
  • Multiscale manufacturing of micro/nano structured surfaces

  • Ivo Šafařík - Institute of System Biology and Ecology, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
  • Magnetically responsive biocomposites for xenobiotics removal

  • Ivo Vávra - Slovak Academy of Sciencies, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Properties of metallic nanoparticles and nanocomposites prepared by vacuum technologies

  • Štefan Višňovský - MFF, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Electromagnetic waves in multilayers